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Revitalizing Rochester NH with demo starting at 45 North Main and 55 North Main.

Rochester's revitalization is visible in downtown with parking lot fencing installed from Revolution Taproom & Grill to JetPack Comics and soon the sidewalk shut down and removed for the project on Main Street. Shortly after will be the removal of the historic former Slim's building (aka Fresh Vibes, Roaring 20s and Wooden Nichols) built in 1882 and the adjacent former Hoffman Furniture building (aka Palmer's Hardware and First National). The Hoffman Furniture building has remained vacant since closing in 1986.

What will be the newest Main Street building in nearly a hundred years will be the tallest in downtown, going up six stories with restaurant space at the ground level. The fifth and six floors will be set back allowing the fifth-floor residents patio space. The planned 45 apartment units (36 two-bedroom units, 9 one-bedroom units) will have large windows with elevator access. The building will be 55,000 square feet and enlarge its footprint in the back.

When complete, the modern building will be a downtown landmark next to Revolution Taproom & Grill. This premium apartment building will inspire even further revitalization in downtown Rochester. The Art Deco facade incorporates some of the previous design features in the Hoffman building with a new twist.

Contact Kendall Spewock, (603) 923-7472 to rent commercial spaces within walking distance to these projects to get established as downtown grows!


Included with this project should have been a 2 or 3 level parking garage in the municple parking that is fenced off for construction.


Alex Daigle
Alex Daigle
Jun 28, 2022

A 6 story apartment complex is going up in a town where every other building is 4 stories at most? This whole project seems like a really bad idea, especially considering actual impact is will have on the down town. The parking lot behind jetpack can get jam packed as it is already and now there will be 45+ more cars that need to fit in that space? If this development is considered "revitalization" and you hope to inspire more revitalization with it... then I don't think things are looking good for Rochester if all the down town has to look forwards to more6+ story rental properties. But in saying all of this... I probably wouldn't have such a problem…

Replying to

Where does it say anything about section 8 housing? Where are the section 8 apartments near the commercial/ heavy traffic parts of downtown already? Also, what is exactly do you think is wrong with section 8? Super curious.

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