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The Full Story


Admiral Property Management was a former family company that was founded in 2008.  It closed its doors in 2020.  Admiral Property LLC was opened in 2021 by Kendall Spewock, former property manager at Admiral Property Management.  Our goal is to provide the same quality service with a fresh new approach to property management.

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Our mission is to help ensure your portfolio is profitable for the long term.  It is vital to ensure your investment is worthwhile; we believe that incredible tenant relations are what will keep your investment going for the long term.  While we maintain your buildings, you can continue to work towards your personal goals.  Whether creating the passive income you have always wanted, continue investing, expanding, diversifying your portfolio, or another achievement, allow us to help you get there.

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Our vision is to help to build an amazing community, your buildings and tenants are a part of that community.  As we have all heard, the three most important things when purchasing real estate are location, location, and location.  To help your investment maintain and grow its profits, we believe helping to ensure the community around it is thriving is critical.

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