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Plumbing Problems Plague Properties

Commons plumbing issues your property manager can prevent and manage if they occur:

  1. Water heater failure

  2. Frozen pipes

  3. Clogged drains

  4. Pipe damage

  5. Overflowing toilets

As most owners and investors know, plumbing issues at a property can be a prime cause of major damage to your real estate investment. From water stains, floor warping and busted pipes, these problems can add up to major expenses very quickly! Having a property manager that understands the challenges, potential threats to good plumbing systems and can manage key issues if something does go wrong is crucial!

Recently a local property had clogging issues with their toilets, never a fun topic, but it happens! Initially plungers were implemented, when those failed to clear chemical solutions were attempted. The chemical solution worked, but only temporarily, so higher-level intervention was needed, and an accident led to a plumbing failure.

Your property manager can employ techniques such as "snaking the drain" with tools and sending camera scopes to see if there is a bigger issue, such as, roots growing into the septic or sewer pipes. Roots are a common culprit drawn to the warmth from the pipes.

You may also see faulty design issues, like pipes that do not have proper pitch to drain in larger buildings.

Your property manager and their subcontractors should be properly insured. If a mistake occurs, for example: a wax seal improperly installed or the tool to snake the drain damages the pipe, the damages can be costly! Your property manager will regularly inspect your property to ensure water damage is not occur and respond to tenant reports quickly.

Be sure your property manager reviews all the major systems in your buildings to minimize risks and contain any damage to reduce expenses. This goes for roof and foundation issues in addition to the plumbing problems that can plague a property.

Recently we found a pipe had failed after being damaged from being snaked by a subcontractor a week after they implemented the technique. The damage was found during an inspection on a weekend when the property was vacant. We quickly shut off the water to avoid further damage and began work on repairing the ceiling and pipe that failed. It's the less glamorous side of property management, but Admiral Property also coordinated the insurance claim to ensure the owners were covered. Above is a picture of our owner, Kendall Spewock, going above and beyond in the assessment.

Plumbing problems plaque properties, but property managers will reduce risk factors by recommending updates and reduce expenses and damage if a part of the system does fail. Why manage these problems on your own, when your property manager is an expert in the field and has many additional contacts to quickly get your tenants back to the high-quality systems, they are accustomed to.


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