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Condo HOA and Cooperative Management 

The Board of Directors has enough responsibilities as it is.  Admiral Property Management and Sales can help take some of that burden off your board members by taking care of the day-to-day tasks.  Having a management company will allow you to focus on the bigger picture and making the big decisions to help improve your neighborhood.


Financial Administration 

An enormous responsibility of an HOA or co-op is financial management.  We take care of everything for you.  By keeping track of your expenses, income, and payments, we can take the headache out of finances for you.


Project Management

Project management is a critial part of taking care of your community.  When big projects arise, we step up to coordinate them for you.  Whatever project you have combining up

By-law and Rule Enforcement 

By-rule and rule enforcement is never the highlight of being a board member.  Admiral Property LLC will take care of by-laws and rule enforcement as necessary for your community.

Membership Applications (Co-op)

Admiral Propery LLC can take care of all of your membership application needs.  With our thorough screening process, we can ensure your applicants are suitable for your community. 


Vendor Relations

It is essential to all of your community members that your neighborhood looks stunning.  Our services include managing contracts for plowing, landscaping, garbage, and other maintenance your community needs.

Webpage Management & Design

We will manage and professionally design your co-op webapage.  This is a fantastic feature for your community.  It allows people to offer suggestions, request maintenance, read by-laws, and so much more.


Daily Operations

A huge time burden of running an HOA or co-op is the daily operations.  When it comes to speaking with contractors, handling complaints, or scheduling meetings, allow us to take care of it for you.


24/7 Service

Have peace of mind knowing that your community members have access to 24/7 emergency requests.  

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