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Downtown Demo in Rochester! What's next 38 Hanson St?

More exciting changes for downtown Rochester! The long-time vacant building that used to house Robbins Auto Parts across from Porter's Pub has been removed to make way for redevelopment in Rochester. We are excited to see what the investors will bring to town!

Possibly some much-needed residential space in town? It certainly is surprising to see the old building in the shadow of the Rochester Opera House gone! The skyline will change with a new building and making better use of the space that has sat quietly, waiting for its time to shine.

No doubt this new project will continue to invigorate the downtown area! Admiral Property has several commercial spaces for rent within walking distance to this new project and the Chinburg Scenic Salinger fifty residential space project. Get in on Rochester's economic revitalization wave! It's not too late to get in on the fun!


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